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Science Learning Center

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NOTE: Appointment-based tutoring is a program offered for CSP students ONLY. If you are a member of CSP, you may schedule an appointment here. This system will not allow non-CSP students to schedule appointments. If you are a CSP student and encounter difficulty setting an appointment, email


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**You may sign up for two sessions per week.

**Up to two students may sign up for each small group appointment block.

**To set up regular weekly appointments, click "Repeat Appt" to the left of the date on the appointment page.



1. Choose your desired appointment time on the calendar shown below. Use the tabs above to switch to other weeks of the term.

2.Place your mouse over the day and time block for your desired appointment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tutors will mark tutees as a "no-show" if they have not arrived within the first 15 minutes of the appointment time. Therefore, be sure you choose appointment times that will work with your schedule.

- - - WHITE BOXES indicate available times

- - - BLACK BOXES indicate no availability

- - - ORANGE-YELLOW BOXES indicate your own already scheduled appointments.

- - - BLUE BOXES indicates other appointments that are not your own.



If you experience problems scheduling appointments for two different courses, please email



1. If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 12 hours in advance by logging into this system and canceling it online.

2. If you have an emergency need to cancel with less than 12 hours notice, please email as much in advance as possible. This will give us time to try to reach your tutor to inform them that they do not need to come in for your appointment.

3. Appointments cancelled with less than 12 hours notice will be marked as "no-shows." Students who are marked as a "no-show" two or more times during the same semester will be asked to meet with a Program Manager before they are permitted to continue meeting with a tutor.

Welcome to the Science Learning Center Tutoring Scheduling System! To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left.


The Science Learning Center (SLC) has been funded to provide appointment-based, small group tutoring for Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP) students enrolled in Biology 171,172, Chemistry 130, 210, 215, Physics 135, 140, 235 and 240. To be eligible for by-appointment tutoring, CSP students must join and actively participate in, or be waitlisted for, an SLC study group for the relevant course.


NOTE: Peer tutors will work with small groups of up to three students per session.



*Supportive, focused and on-task assistance

*Assistance with developing strategies for understanding concepts, solving problems, and preparing for exams

*Guidance on homework problems



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